About Us

Highland Rod and Gun club started in 1963 by Thomas A Carnevale. He started the club in his garage with only 4 members. The charter members were Frank De Benedetto, Harry De Benedetto, Louis Marcotte and Victor Abbruzzi. Looking to bring in more people, each member was to bring someone to the next meeting so they could be interviewed. As time went on, the club grew more.

Thomas needed a name for his club so he searched all over New England for ideas. He finally found it in his backyard. The garage bordered Highland Cemetery, which was on the hill behind his house. In 1965 the name Highland Sportsman Club was formed.

As time went on Highland grew slowing and eventually grew to big for Thomas’s garage. He searched for land and ended up settling at the current location, 66A Plainfield Pike, Foster, RI. The original clubhouse had a wood stove and an outhouse. During the winter months it was too cold to have the meeting there so they were held at the Knights of Columbus on Mineral Spring Ave.

Around 1995 it was time for an extension on the club house. Highland has come a long way from an outhouse and wood stove. Now the clubhouse has 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, seats about 50 people, a covered deck and much more. Yes, we still have a wood stove to help keep you warm during the winter months.