DEM Press Release

RI DEM wants to alert pet owners that a high number of raccoons and skunks in Warwick and Jamestown have been found infected with canine distemper virus. It is suggested to Check your pets vaccination records. Click HERE to read more.

EEE Positive in Westerly!

Hunting Season is starting, be aware!! DEM says a horse trapped mosquito tested positive for EEE in Westerly. Click HERE to read more.

2019-2020 Hunting Season

Who’s ready for the hunting season? Find all your license and permit, legal hunting hours, hunting dates and more HERE!

Boating & Fishing Season

Boating season is here. Is your boat registered? If not, get some of your boating registration questions answered here.

Not sure where some fresh water and salt water ramps are in RI? Check out these areas for Boat Launching.

Spring Hunting Season

Youth and Spring turkey hunting starts soon. Youth starts this weekend, April 20-21. Spring is from April 25-May 19. Hunting is allowed 1/2 hour before sunrise – 1pm. Click here (wild turkey tab) and here for more information and to make sure you know all your tagging and checking requirements.

Opening Day, April 13th, 2019!

Where do I get a fresh water license? What ponds are stocked with Trout? Are there any “KIDS ONLY” ponds? Click here to find out these answers and more.

Tick Season is here!

Ticks can ride into the home on clothing and pets, then attach to a person later, so carefully examine pets, coats, and day packs. Check out this article from the Dept of Health for more info.