Archery Range Rules

Highland Rod & Gun Club Archery Rules
1. All archery rules shall be in accordance with the By-laws and Constitution
of the Club.
2. Safety is the highest priority and shall stand above all other considerations.
3. Good common sense and sound judgment shall cover all behavior not
4. Archers shall be in complete control of their faculties at all times. No
alcoholic beverages or impairing substances are allowed.
5. Inappropriate language or unacceptable behavior shall not be permitted.
This includes archers, guests, and by-standers.
6. The use of broadheads is prohibited on the club property by anyone. The
one exception is while hunting, which shall require prior permission from
the Board of Governors. Hunters may use broadheads for hunting only,
broadheads cannot be used for any target practice.
7. The Club archery facilities are open only to Club members and their
guests. There is no fee for guests. The archery facilities are not open to
the public. Guests (two (2) maximum) may shoot at the same time as the
member. However, the guest(s) are at all times the full responsibility of
the member, the guest(s) shall be at all times under the direct supervision
of the member, and the guest(s) are bound in full by all the Rules and
Regulations of the Club.
8. As with all other Club property and assets, willful failure of a member or a
member’s guest to properly conserve or protect it may subject the member
to expulsion from the Club.
9. Regarding archery equipment, only Long bows, Traditional bows, Recurve
bows, and Compound bows shall be used on Club property. The use of
Cross bows is not permitted on the Club’s archery facilities.
10. Arrows may be of any suitable material that will promote straight flight.
Arrowheads used for all target shooting shall be only the field head type.
Broadheads shall be used only for hunting.
11. All archery equipment and tackle shall be maintained in good condition.
Equipment showing excessive wear, fraying, or damage shall not be used.
Bent or broken arrows shall be immediately retrieved and properly
disposed of
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12. If not actually hunting game, arrows shall only be shot in designated areas
– the archery lanes. Under no circumstance shall an arrow be shot on the
trap ranges, the rifle range, or the pistol range.
13. The only targets permitted are the paper targets and the Club’s 3-D
targets. No other targets shall be used. The paper targets shall be
mounted only to the proper backstop.
14. Archers shall only shoot at a target that has been positively identified.
This shall especially apply to hunting game.
15. Every archer shall at all times be alert to the possibility of other people or
animals straying onto the archery range or lanes. This also includes
activity behind the target.
16. All archers shooting at the same time on the same range or lane shall
stand aside of each other, not to the front or rear of another archer. All
archers shall remain aside each other until all archers have shot (or unnocked)
their arrow.
17. No arrow shall be nocked (the arrow attached to the bow string) while
there is anyone in front of the archer.
18. Generally to pull an arrow from the target can require the same amount of
force that put it there. Therefore, archers removing arrows from a target
shall make sure that no one is behind the arrow being removed. Further,
archers shall be positioned aside the arrow being withdrawn from a target.
19. Archers sighting in bows shall start at the ten (10) yard marker of the field
archery lane. As the bow becomes sighted in, the archer may proceed to
greater distances.
20. Archers shall shoot arrows at distances that are within the safe limits of
their archery equipment and the archer’s ability.
21. Archers shall wear the appropriate attire at all times.
22. Every member and guest shall read and understand these Rules prior to
handling archery equipment or shooting an arrow on club property.